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What is the monthly maintenance fee for Lentor Modern?

Estimated Maintenance Fees
1-Bedroom 527sqft – $352
2-bedroom 678 / 732 sqft – $396
3-Bedroom 969-990sqft – $396
3-Bedroom Premium 1109-1130sqft – $396
4-Bedroom 1528sqft – $484

Updated: 1 Sep 2022

What are the breakdown of unit types at Lentor Modern?

1-Bedroom – Type A1 – 63units

2-Bedroom – Type B1 – 84units

2-Bedroom – Type B2 – 147units

3-Bedroom – Type C1 – 42units

3-Bedroom – Type C2 – 21units

3-Bedroom – Type C3 – 61units

3-Bedroom – Type C4 – 61units

3-Bedroom – Type C5 – 21units

3-Bedroom – Type C6 – 42units

4-Bedroom – Type D1 – 63units

Total: 605

What is the PSF for Lentor Modern?

Lentor Modern starts from $1880psf.

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What is the closest MRT station to Lentor Modern?

Lentor Modern is approximately <2mins fully-sheltered walk to Lentor MRT.

What is the land size for Lentor Modern?

The estimated land size is 186,000sqft.

When is the estimated vacant possession (TOP) for Lentor Modern?

The expected vacant possession date is 1H 2026.

As a foreigner, can I buy residential property in Singapore?

Foreigners are eligible to purchase condominium property in Singapore.
The applicable residential ABSD rate for 1st and subsequent property is 30%.

How much CPF I can use for private home purchase?

If you do not own any residential property, and have yet to reach 55 years old, you can use the full CPF OA available, up to the purchase price/market valuation of the property.

Are Singapore PR eligible to buy private property in Singapore?

Singapore PR are eligible to purchase private property in Singapore.
The applicable ABSD rate for 1st property is 5%.

What is the downpayment required for new launch condo?

The downpayment is 25%.  The rest of the payments are paid progressively according to construction stages and can be financed with bank loan.